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I hope this help with the weekend God is getting you ready for:


PRAY and Pray often – you will have everything go wrong – Let go and let God – People will drop/get sick/whatever – God is forming HIS team and HIS schedule, not yours – When count, recount and whatever else happens – Its God adjusting HIS schedule – I would suggest not fighting him on that HAHAHA


Pray daily for:

A. a spirit of obedience and sacrifice of your self-will.

B. God's purposes fulfilled in the Team and the Candidate's lives.

C. the exact Team Members that God wants on this team.


  1. Gate list – Getting the warden/Chaplain to approve people on the lists

Stay on top of the Chaplain so he can get this list approved – For the Outside team and 4th day list, I have found email Chaplain and then call 5 minutes later to make sure he has it, Else Hand delivery the list a Saturday prior. The inside side list can be approved separate, I normally get it approved 2 weeks prior.  ALSO – Communication is KEY with the 4th day as no one wants to drive 3 hours and get turned away.

  1. Inside Team – ASAP – training at team meetings as well.

  2. Outside Team and 4th Day community- Sunday arrival – Have a few extra copies – One to keep just in case, One to hand to the guard (speak with the TDCJ guard to be sure they are good to go at 2.30) – I also head out there and give a quick speech about security scan, the tape line no one can cross, no touching, ECT ECT

  1. Hotel reservations –, +1 903 723 0016 direct, 

    1. Email Alex to verify room block is ready, once you are assigned the job

    2. Also email him once you have all the names and preferences of room types – 2 weeks out give or take

    3. Also email him to reserve for Next Kairos – once you know the dates

    4. 2700 South Loop 256 - Palestine, Texas 75801

  2. Medicine “Football”

    1. All team members will hand you any medicine they might need

    2. No energy drinks, nothing not needed

    3. Stock it with Advil, cough drops, more in the list below – check expiration dates of existing items

  3. Keeping people on time – People giving talks, things happen – recount and what not – Help the leader ond observing leader stay on time using tips from AKT - working with TDCJ to make sure we are doing everything we can to do to stay on time and take breaks. 

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