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I hope this help with the weekend God is getting you ready for:


The Agape Coordinator will direct the work of the Agape team.  He is responsible for the preparation of a prayer roster of those who will be praying in the chapel for each person giving talks during the weekend.  He will personally remind each of them, about five minutes before the talk, to go to the chapel and will see that they are all there to pray with the speaker before leaving the chapel for the Community room.  The duties of the Agape team will be:

  1. To be familiar with the guidelines in the manual covering written expressions of agape to be distributed during the short course.

  2. Candles: To dress the altar in the Chapel and to turn on and off the electric candles before and after services. To turn on and off the electric candles at the speaker's podium before and after each talk.

  3. To pray for speakers during talks as assigned.

  4. General Agape. To organize general expressions of agape, such as letters and posters, from which the clergy person giving the YOU ARE NOT ALONE talk on Friday will select items to share with the Community. To provide the Leader with continuing letters and posters of a general nature expressing agape. To assist in posting those expressions as read.

  5. Letter Agape. To participate in reviewing all written expressions of agape prior to distribution to participants. (The Support Team Agape team will review all non-team member letters prior to placement into the letter bags.)  To prepare bags in which written expressions of agape are placed for distribution to the participants Saturday after the ACTION talk. (The bags usually are prepared by Support Team Agape.) 

  6. To help with the distribution of food at meals if needed.

  7. To collect and hang posters following their explanation of Friday and Saturday night.

  8. To determine which Kairos Weekends are the “addressees” of the Agape prepared during Building the Body on Sunday.

  9. To assist in removing all expressions of agape, posters, etc. from walls of Community room on Sunday afternoon and to assist coordinators in packing and removing all Kairos property from the institution.

Before the first team meeting (or as soon as you can)

  • Pray often for focus, patience, strength and discernment, this is a demanding position, people will thrust money (green agape) into your hand, and will ask for things you were suppose to know about . . .  know the reason for this position and keep focused on your service to God for the 42 men in white.

  • Get to know your local Office Depot.  You will visit it often.

  • Get 50-60 Prayer Chains made, Randy Moore is a good source to get an updated, ‘big’ chain from to use; be sure to run it on multiple sheets of color paper.

  • Distribute Prayer Chains to other Units.  Make copies of the Prayer Chain on white paper and distribute to other Units.  You might want to contact the Leaders for Weekends at other units and send them a copy of your Prayer Chain.  You can get their names/phone numbers off the Kairos of Texas web page ( (Actually, everyone uses the same prayer chain, so they could do it themselves.)  Offer to get chains signed at Beto for upcoming Kairos Weekends at those other units.  Don't forget to take Prayer Chains to Beto during a reunion Saturday prior to your weekend (both Beto and the other Units).

  • Prepare nametags.  Make nametag blanks for the team, stewards, band, and Participants.  You will need:

  • 65-75 nametags for team meetings, be sure to have 25 blank name tags for new team members, and to replace worn name tags, old ones should be there.

  • 100 nametags for the weekend (team + 42 Participants + 25 stewards/band + officers) will be made inside Beto (Ken Underriner, coordinates check with him may need to get supplies to them) Before the first team meeting, put names on the team's nametags.


  • Prepare to raise money.  Line up your sources for green Kairos nametags (Jeff Wright), shirts, caps, Kairos jewelry,( etc.  Possible sources are listed in the "Kairos items for sale" section.


  • Verify[1] water-soluble paper. Soluble paper is in the Agape supplies box.  Cut into approximately 2 1/4" by 5 1/2 " strips.  Take 125 pieces for the weekend (used Saturday). 

  • Get prepared to collect and account for green agape

  • Forms for contributions and sales on

  • Get training for UAC treasurer on how to perform accounting and make deposits.

  • Get stamp for depositing checks and deposit forms (last Agape coordinator or Kairos financial secretary (KPMI - TEXAS - BETO, PO Box 453311, Garland TX 75045)


[1] Ordering will not have to be done for some years.  We have a large supply, enough for many, many weekends.  By ordering the large supply, we were able to get it for a fraction of the sheet-by-sheet cost.


Supplies - Order these from under Supply Orders, get approved from UAC board

At the team meetings

Within the Agape Box are a number of items useful during team meetings and the weekend.  These include (you will need to inventory what is there):

  • The "This seat is reserved for Christ" for team meetings.  Place on any chair.

  • Kairos signs to lead team members to the meeting rooms.  Place outside accordingly.

  • Miscellaneous office tools (stapler, child-proof scissors), markers, duct tape.

  • Index cards for prayers (also there are "prayer request" cards - they can be used instead of the index cards).  Replenish as necessary.

  • A picture of Christ (for the weekend).

  • Soluble paper.

  • Freedom Guides (enough for team and residents – have 100 ready including some Spanish versions.

  • Plastic Bowls for use on Saturday (with the soluble paper)[1].

  • Colored marker sets for the Table Family to use as they make posters during the weekend.

  • A few leftover notebooks, pens, and nametag blanks.

  •  Get batteries for use in electric candles..


You will have time each team meeting to make announcement about encouraging the team to: write letters, pay money, buy stuff, get donations from friends/family/churches, get cookies, get prayers.  During each team meeting, the Agape team should be prepared to accomplish the following:

  • Collect contributions for the weekend, a copy of Kairos Finance 101 is included in the box.  Deposit money each week. Coordinate with the Beto Advisory Council Finance person. At the conclusion of the weekend, the Weekend Leader sends in a consolidated report to Kairos of Texas.  Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken Financial packages lend themselves well to this task. 

  • Encourage Cookie and Green Agape (Money contributions).  Encourage the use of the green Kairos Weekend Hostship brochures for non-team members and pass put cookie instruction sheets as needed. 

  • Distribute prayer request cards.  The team that prays for each other is a spirit-centered team.  Each week, pass out index cards to each team member, and have them write their prayer request on the card, place into a basket or box, and take the prayer request of another team member.

  • Distribute Prayer Chains.  Start making lots of Prayer Chains and distributing them everywhere you go.  Candlelight, Church functions, friends in other cities.  Each Prayer Chain makes 30 feet of chain when completed!

  • Encourage writing of the 42 letters at each team meeting.  Part of the job is encouraging everyone to get his or her letters done. Team member should leave the salutation blank until Friday night in Palestine, and those at table families may want to delay writing the six at their table, or leave room for personalizing once the weekend begins.


You should also encourage the writing of letters by the general Community, especially children. Also, encourage letters/pictures from children; a good source is Sunday School classes at team members' churches.  Notes from children are especially powerful to our brothers and sisters in white.  Guidelines are in the book.  They include:

  • Address to "My Brother in White" or "My Brother in Christ"


[1] Plastic bowls for the Forgiveness Service are on the Trailer (but may be in the kitchen supplies).

  • Be encouraging notes only

  • Sign first name only; no last names or return address

  • No stickers or other add-ons which are not allowed by the unit

  • Leave unsealed


  • Encourage the making of Place mats.  We use 600 11"x17" place mats during the weekend.  If possible, get line drawings of Bible scenes and reproduce in sufficient quantity and distribute to children's classes for them to color.  Each child can sign his/her FIRST NAME and age if desired.

Prepare for the weekend

  • Prepare colored paper Prayer Chains.  The compressed prayer chains completed by the free world must be transferred onto colored paper suitable for making into the chain prior to going to Palestine.  Make about 50-100 copies of the chain in various colors for this (everyone has an opinion as to how many).  Brothers and sisters in white stay on white paper.  A non-compressed master suitable for reproduction onto colored paper is included in the back.  The Beto Coordinator should get prayer chains into the facility at a Saturday reunion; coordinate prayers from other units.

  • Buy supplies for the weekend.  Discuss with the Support Team Leader on what needs the outside team may have for supplies.  They will need poster board and markers as a minimum.  A list of supplies required and sources are contained later in this manual.  Supplies needed for the weekend include 70 notebooks (sewn, not wire) for the Table Family members and a Summary Notebook, 70 pieces of poster board, 8 rolls duct tape, pens, etc..  Especially important are the notebooks for the Table Families; nine the same color plus one a different color (Summary) for each table. Included in the Agape Coordinator packet is a set of pages suitable for reproducing onto label stock to mark the notebooks. In the Agape box are colored markers, the soluble paper, and other carry over supplies.

  • Make Introduction slips.  These questions are from the Kairos Manual.  These are used on Thursday night for introductions. Enough cards should be made to include the Band and Stewards.  It is recommended that different colored paper be used to aid distribution. In this manual are the questions ready to Xerox onto paper for: Participants, Team, (Resident) Steward/Band.


  • Make Closing slips.  These are the three questions in the manual that one Participant from each family will answer at closing.  They are:

  • In what spiritual condition did you arrive at Kairos?

  • What did you find here?

  • What are you taking away with you?

Enough should be made for each Family Summary and each Participant.  Occasionally, the Leader decides to abbreviate the questions the non-summary individuals answer.  Get with him and determine what he wants to do at closing.

  • Get General Agape.  This includes the General Agape from other Kairos communities. Often obtained at the District meetings.  Discuss with the Beto Advisory Council.

Arrange for the making of lanyards.  We use a simple one strand lanyard made of the rainbow yarn.  Often these are made by the Outside team. 42 are needed. You or rthe Leader will need to order the 1” Texas cross from

The Weekend

Following are the significant activities for each day and the supplies necessary.  A detailed duty list for inside and outside Agape Team is presented later. As always, the Leader's detailed schedule will supersede this list.

Wednesday: Arrive at the home base church.  Take everything with you, except for the Instructional items.  Remember to take:

  • Table supplies (notebooks, pens, colored markers, poster board etc.)

  • Name tag material

  • Supplies for the outside agape team

  • Shirts, caps etc ordered.

  • Kairos nametags not distributed at team meetings

Once there, begin collecting prayer chains, place mats, money and talks/overheads from team members.


Thursday AM: Set up in the unit.  Take in this morning

  • Notebooks

  • Duct tape (for setup)

  • Poster board

  • Kleenex

  • Two electric candles with batteries

After the room is set up (note: sometimes the tables are not set up until after introductions; adjust accordingly):

  • Distribute notebooks, Kleenex and table names

  • Set up candles, table crosses for podiums in Chapel and Conference Room

  • Meet the steward who will be assisting in the conference room with the banners and overheads

  • Sort banners

  • Check for trailer items (see supplies list)


Thursday PM: Meet the 42 Participants. You will need:

  • Nametags (normally artists in Beto will prepare these ahead – verify with Ken Underriner; if not it will save effort if you have these prepared ahead of time for the 42 Participants, stewards, and band.  Team members can re-use those used during training.)

  • Freedom guides

  • Questions for team and Participants to answer during introductions


Friday: First full day.  You will need:

  • Talks and overheads for the day

  • Colored markers and pens for each table family

  • The prayer chain

  • Tape to re-assemble the prayer chain inside the unit.

  • General Agape

  • Hand Banner

  • Extra pens, colored markers, notebook, , nametag material and marker, duct tape

  • Three legged stool (seat out for Friendship with God talk, legs with other later talks)

  • Media releases for pictures (from Chaplain)



Saturday: Forgiveness and receiving of letters. You will need:

  • Talks and overheads for the day

  • Soluble paper

  • Red pens (no longer used)

  • Two clear bowls

  • Letter bags

  • Extra pens, colored markers, notebook, candles, nametag material and marker, duct tape


Sunday: Closing and takedown.  You will need:

  • Talks and overheads for the day

  • Property paperwork for participants to have crosses (chaplain/inside coordinator)

  • Paper for the “Building the Body” exercise. (A recommendation is 20 x  30 paper, not poster board, so that it can be mailed to other Kairos Weekends easily.)

  • Team rosters for the 42 Participants, band, and stewards (Leader should prepare this and bring in; it's best to check with him)

  • The 42 Crosses on lanyards

  • Extra pens, notebook, candles, nametag material and marker, duct tape


During take down Sunday afternoon, the agape will come off the walls.  Have some trash bags ready to gather this stuff into, and know ahead of time who is to get the week-end agape (usually the Support Team Leader or member of the outside team who might prepare a "memento" for the Leader).  After closing, the prayer chain comes down.  Have two trash bags ready to put it in.


Follow-up is held the next Saturday after the Kairos Weekend.  The Agape Coordinator should plan on being there if at all possible.  Needed supplies include:

  • Grouping cards.  Take 75 grouping cards in English and 25-30 in Spanish.

  • Nametags.   Take about 100 nametags with a marker.

Kairos Nametags.  The permanent nametags are made by Jim Miller (Coffield Kairos) (  These are often available at the Follow-up weekend. 

Supplies List


The Agape team is responsible for purchase/assembly of the following items in advance of the weekend.  Items such as paper bags and plastic bags are sometimes prohibited by the Warden.  Check with the Inside Coordinator on any restrictions.


  • 45 White bags with handles.  (Approximately the same size as cookie bags – check with outside team before obtaining.) For Participants' letter agape - have decorated before the weekend.  Children's Sunday School classes and reunion groups are good sources for doing this.  Again, discuss with the weekend Inside Coordinator before purchasing items.  Though this is the Agape Coordinator's responsibility, a member of the outside team often takes care of this so coordinate with the Support Team Leader.

  • Name tag material. One package (10 sheets) of poster board (22"X28") makes 140 4"X11" nametag blanks; 600 ft. of yarn to hang tags (avg. of 35" per tag).  Wal-Mart and Target carry rainbow/variegated yarn that is also same as used for crosses. Use a (office type) hole punch (with adjustable hole spacing) to put two holes into each nametag (to tie the yarn through).  Cut the yarn into strings of 32"-36" long and tie to each nametag. Purchase 4 black markers to put names on tags and for general weekend use.  Leave 2 at the church and keep 2 at the unit.  You will make tags for Stewards, Participants and forgetful team members.  Have 120 for weekend use and take the remaining blanks to the Instructional on the Saturday following the weekend.  Cut string tags prior to the weekend.

  • 80 identical bound (i.e., Mead Wireless) notebooks.  (Do not use spiral books - due to security concerns with wire.) For note taking at the tables (10 per table, 9 at each table are same color; One is Table Family Summary Book and should be a different color). Label front of books by Family including Summary Book and leave space for Participant's names on the 9 identically colored Family Books (computer generated, Avery Standard #5162 address labels are ideal for this process).  A reproducible label set is included in Sample materials.

  • 80 identical ballpoint pens for note taking at tables (black or blue ink, inexpensive, i.e., 12 doz. pens @ Office Depot for $0.79 each.)

  • 8 rolls (2" wide) Duct Tape for setup on Thursday morning, hanging posters, etc on the weekend.  Keep 1 roll at the church of the weekend.

  • Velcro tape for hanging up posters 20 feet pre-cut outside 1’ strips

  • Soluble Paper.  Whenever necessary, paper can be purchased at a cost of $185.00 for 1000 sheets from

  1. D. Robbins & Co., Inc, House of E-Z Magic

  2. 9th Floor, 70 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718-625-1804

  • 90 Sheets Poster Board for making posters following talks (22"x28" in 10-sheet packs @ $3.19 each) and nametags. 70 are used inside for poster time, 20 for the outside team to make agape posters. Remaining poster board on the inside may be given to the chaplain for use by the Resident Agape person.

  • 7 Sheets large paper for making agape posters during the Building the Body exercise Sunday (20"x30" or so).

  • 10 identical packages of colored markers for making posters after talks (Crayola brand @ Office Depot for $2.99).  These are in the Agape Supplies box.

  • 12 boxes Kleenex, one for each table and remainder in chapel.

  • Manuals for team members (sell for $11.00 each) as requested by Leader. This includes Kairos manuals (latest version, for sale to new team members and those with older versions).

  • 100 Freedom Guides and Grouping cards.  Can be ordered from Kairos of Texas or Kairos International, Freedom Guides, Reunion cards. . .

  • 42 Crosses for Participants.  Can be ordered from Kairos of Texas or Kairos International. Of note, Kairos will be going to a wooden cross for the Participants soon.  Don't be surprised when they show up.

  • 120 (3"x8") strips paper for Participants and team to write forgiveness lists on (special paper that dissolves in water) Ordering information is above.

  • 3 books matches for lighting chapel/Community room candles.  Wooden stick matches work better than paper stick.

  • 6 candles, 1/2 inch diameter, 8" tall for chapel and Community room.

  • Picture of Christ for Community Room Podium (One is in Agape Supplies Box).

  • Good News, NIV or other easily understood Bible translation for the chapel podium.

Note: Be sure you inventory the Agape boxes located in the small Beto trailer.  There are three boxes marked Agape Inside that will have left over materials from the previous weekend.  There are several boxes marked Outside Agape Boxes.  Inside there may be crosses used to give to participants along with colored yarn.  Let the leader know the inventory.

The Following SHOULD be on the Kairos trailer.  It is best to verify that they are there during the Thursday morning setup.


  • 2 6 X 6 inch white tiles that are used to place the Electric Candle on.2 translucent plastic tubs for dissolving forgiveness lists on Saturday night Forgiveness Service.  If not on unit Trailer, check kitchen supplies.

  • 7 Wooden Hand Crosses for chapel visits and table markers.

  • Banners for all talks plus several misc. for hanging in the chapel throughout the weekend. 

The Hand Banner (banner with Christ's hands and Participants names written in hands) does not go on the Kairos Trailer - check with the Support Team Leader or Support Team Agape person to be sure it arrives at the unit prepared for Friday morning.  The Runner Driver will take inside Friday morning.


  • ​Collect 3 copies of talks and overheads from all speakers.  Assemble by day and order of presentation.  Leave one copy of each talk with Support Team Chapel Person.  2 copies of each talk must go inside podium copy plus overheads and Observing Leader/Timekeeper copy.

  • Assist Support Team Agape team with prayer chain, as needed.

  • Finalize distribution of shirts, caps, etc and collect monies.

  • Coordinate with Support Team Agape Team the preparation and decoration of 42 Forgiveness Cookie bags for Saturday evening for Participants to take back to give to person in Unit they need to forgive.  Bags can be colorfully decorated or left plain white.

  • Support Team

  • Begin making posters to go in Friday and Saturday

  • Collect place mats and prayer chains.  Transcribe any names onto chain as needed.

Thursday AM

  • Gather items to take in. Take in this morning the notebooks, duct tape (for setup), poster board, Kleenex, two candles. Runner driver will physically carry in.

  • Go in with set up team and help hang curtains, cover floor, set up tables, dress chapel for the day (2 concentric circles of 70-80 chairs) with podium backing to blue curtain and facing stage area.  Check trailer supplies and coordinate purchase of any missing items.

  • Dress chapel podium with Bible, candle and cross.

  • Hang the "Who? Whose? Peace? Fear? Pain? Support? Love?" banner in chapel.

  • Dress Community podium with picture of Jesus and candle.

  • Leave one package poster board and markers with Outside team

Outside Team

  • Cut prayer chain into links, tape/staple together, and prepare large prayer chain.  This must go in on Friday AM on first run.

Thursday PM

  • Take in: nametags (if not prepared by Community Agape person), Freedom Guides and Introduction slips.

  • Nametags - completed for all Participants, including Stewards and band and team members.  Put in alphabetical order on St. Elsewhere table.  Give Stewards & Band members theirs; hand out Participant’s to Weekend Hosts. Have on hand blank extras for any name corrections or substitution of alternates.

  • Pass out Freedom Guides and Introduction slips to Team before Participants arrive (grouping cards aren't handed out until the Instructional on Saturday following the weekend).

Outside Team

  • Finish prayer chain and place on runner/driver table.

  • If not already done, begin colorfully decorating 50 personal Agape Bags, leaving room for Participant's names.  These are used for letters to Participants and are distributed in Saturday.  They must go into unit with Sat. lunch.  DON'T put names on bags until the runner/drivers return from Friday morning run with notice of any name changes.  Sorting of letters should begin once names are added.

  • Agape should be prayed over and placed on trays for delivery to the Unit. (This helps when last minute items need to be inserted at the Unit.)

  • Select general Agape for YOU ARE NOT ALONE talk on Friday - should be some touching, some spiritual, some beautiful, from old, young, women, children, some possibly in Spanish.  It should be short and to the point, no long rambling letters!


  • Before leaving church, remind speakers who keep their podium copies to take their talk.

  • Take in: Runner Driver will take in Hand Banner Talks and overheads for the day, Colored markers and pens for each table family, prayer chain (on truck), general Agape

  • Upon arrival, distribute pens and colored markers onto tables. Put Family names, notebooks and Kleenex on tables.

  • Upon arrival, set up first talk of the day. Hang "Your Walk" banner in Chapel.

  • Upon arrival, check with resident artist on poster for the photo.

  • Upon arrival, give general Agape to Clergy person giving YOU ARE NOT ALONE talk.

  • Dress Chapel/Community Room for the day

  • Light candles before each Chapel service and extinguish afterward

  • At Community Room Podium

  • Put visual aides in place prior to each talk

  • Hang appropriate banner behind podium prior to each talk

  • Have cup of fresh water at podium for each speaker

  • Light candle before each talk after speaker is announced

  • Following silent meditation after each talk Steward extinguishes candle and moved banner to a place on the wall in the Community room then hangs banner for next talk of the day.

  • After each talk, give poster material to each Family.

  • Prior to YOU ARE NOT ALONE talk, take prayer chain from "hiding" place and put in the chapel.  Remove from transportation bags, stretch out and assemble.  During talk, gather Steward team and prepare to display to Participants upon signal from Clergy giving talk.  After talk, hang General Agape on dining room walls.

  • Put out Three legged stool: Top for Friendship with God, Piety with Opening the Door, Study with Discovery, Action with Christian Action.

  • During FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD talk, hang Hand Banner in chapel.

Outside Team

  • Letters from non-Team members should be unsealed.  Review general and personal Agape from non-Team members for appropriateness.  These should be spiritually uplifting, no guilt or blame, no racial overtones, no stickers or staples, etc. Each bag should contain the same number of items.  ALL Team members should sort their Agape alphabetically and place in bags themselves if possible.


  • Before leaving church, remind speakers who keep their podium copies to take their talk.

  • Take in Talks and overheads for the day, Soluble paper, Two clear bowls, Letter bags on noon runner driver run, general Agape.

  • Upon arrival, set up first talk of the day. Hang "Christ Among Us" banner in Chapel.  Put out bowl of water for demonstration during 8:10 Lay Meditation.

  • Prepare Forgiveness paper.  Distribute soluble paper by dividing into 7 groups of 9 for each family; give to Table Family leaders.  Arrange group for Stewards, Band and St. Elsewhere. 

  • Prepare for chapel visits.  These will happen about 11:00.  Have Stewards prepare seven circles of 9 chairs in the chapel, put out hand cross and box of Kleenex at each circle.

  • Dress Chapel/Community Room for the day

  • Light candles before each Chapel service and extinguish after

  • At Community Room Podium

  • Put visual aides in place prior to each talk

  • Hang appropriate banner behind podium prior to each talk

  • Have cup of fresh water at podium for each speaker

  • Light candle before each talk after speaker is announced

  • Following silence after each talk, Steward extinguishes candle and moved banner to a place on the wall, then hangs banner for next talk of the day.

  • After each talk, give poster material to each Family.

  • NOTE: Today we make posters for other Kairos Weekends.

  • Prepare for Leader talk just prior to giving out Personal Agape bags.  Gather general agape from home towns of Participants and give to Leader.  Make it colorful if possible.

  • Personal Agape bags must come into Unit with lunch.  After they arrive, place each Table family into separate container if possible and put in cookie closet in chapel area. During CHRISTIAN ACTION talk, get out green tablecloths and brief Stewards on how to re-arrange tables during Chapel (1:40 - 1:55).  During meditation, QUICKLY and QUIETLY put table items onto floor, put on tablecloths, and place Family name and Kleenex onto tables.  Stewards stand ready behind curtain with bags. Upon cue from Leader, have Stewards pass out Agape bags, then entire team moves to Chapel while letters are read.  During THE WALL meditation, reset tables as they were.

  • Forgiveness Service at 6:05 requires two (preferably clear) bowls of water one on each side of Chapel podium.

Outside Team

  • Finalize Agape bags in AM.  Sort team letters into bags and put completed bags in alphabetical order by family onto trays.  Trays will go in with noon meal.

  • Prepare Crosses for Sunday


  • Before leaving church, remind speakers who keep their podium copies to take their talk.

  • Take in: Talks and overheads for the day, 42 Crosses on simple lanyards, team rosters with mailing addresses.

  • Upon arrival, set up first talk of the day. Ask musician for mike stand.  Form into cross and arrange 42 crosses on stand.  Put into safe place until needed at Cross ceremony in afternoon.

  • Dress Chapel/Community Room for the day

  • Light candles before each Chapel service and extinguish afterward

  • At Community Room Podium

  • Put visual aides in place prior to each talk

  • Hang appropriate banner behind podium prior to each talk

  • Have cup of fresh water at podium for each speaker

  • Light candle before each talk after speaker is announced

  • Following silent meditation after each talk Steward extinguishes candle and moved banner to a place on the wall in the Community room then hangs banner for next talk of the day.

  • After lunch, we move to Chapel until closing. Need chapel set up with 7 circles of 9 chairs each.

  • About 1:00, begin to change the Community Room setup for Closing. Move chairs facing the concrete block walls on each side rather than the blue tarp.  Leave 10 feet between the free world and Participant seating areas.  There should be 200+ on Participant side and 100+ on outside community side.

  • About 1:00, prepare to move crosses to podium area in Chapel. Move upon Leader's signal.

  • During the Music break after lunch and after  HANG IN THERE talk, Stewards begin quietly stripping Agape from walls outside of Community room area. Once Lunch is complete Agape can be removed from Dining Room. Store banners in box on trailer; put Hand Banner in tube and give to Observing Leader.

  • Prayer Chain is moved to Community Room.

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