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Letter to those thinking of serving with us for the first time

Dear brothers and sisters,


It is time to begin preparation for Kairos at Beto.


God is already preparing 42 men to receive the transforming power of His love; the transforming power of His love that we experienced in our own lives.


Please pray about serving those men on the Kairos Team. Also consider that it is a demanding commitment that requires serious dedication and sacrifice.


A commitment to serve on the Team is a commitment to attend all five team meetings leading up to the Kairos weekend. These meetings are vitally important for the Team to achieve the love and unity needed to express God’s love to the 42 participants.


All Team members commit to writing each participant a hand written letter (total of 42 letters) of encouragement. The participants will get a chance to open and read their letters during their weekend. This is a very powerful experience for the participants as they learn that they are loved and are not alone.


Male members of the Team must commit to the "Instructional " the Saturday after their Kairos weekend and to the additional time of one Saturday morning a month to attend Prayer and Share grouping at the Beto Unit for one year after the Kairos weekend.


Please seek God’s will about serving on the Kairos team and making the sacrifices that are inherent in serving a God, who made such sacrifices for us.


The Team application must be filled out completely and returned to the inside coordinator. The application is not optional, as it is needed to properly plan and evaluate the Kairos weekend.


Please reach out as soon as you are at peace with what God is guiding you to do about serving on the Kairos team.


It is my blessing to serve our Lord with you.


Thank you to Brother Bill for putting this together for us


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