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Throughout the Weekend there are numerous meditations and readings in the chapel. The Weekend Leader will assign the meditations and readings to team members, but it is the chapel coordinator’s responsibility to ensure each team member knows when he is to speak.

The chapel coordinator should notify each team member, as directed on the master schedule, by written communication. Each communication should include:

Reader’s name:

Title of reading:

Who they follow:

The statement “Wait 30 seconds after the previous reading before proceeding to the lectern.”



Place 65 Freedom Guides on lectern in chapel.

Place Chapel Assignment Binder on lectern in chapel, opened to the first reading..

Set up 60 (team members plus residents) chairs in 6 rows.

After chapel, reduce number of chairs to 50.



Remove the large cross from the wall and hang “The Prodigal Son.”

Coordinate with speaker which agape pieces will be used during “You Are Not Alone” Talk. This needs to be done a couple weeks ahead if the posters are being used in the slide presentation.

Make sure “prayer chain” is ready to be hung later in the day

First article hung in chapel is an agape poster from “You Are Not Alone” Talk

10:30 Get communion table cloth from Chaplain and place on the communion table. Place the wooden cross (later used to hang guests’ crosses) on the table.

1:00 pm – Move “The Prodigal Son” to the left and hang “Christ Behind Bars” in the center

2:30 pm – Move “Prodigal” and Christ behind” to the side and hang “Christ Knocking” in center

3:00 pm – Hang “Prayer Chain” as soon as count is finished



Check that the small wooden hand cross is on the table for use during family prayers.

During break or count, abut 2:45 pm, move other three paintings to the side and hang “Forgiven”



Move the wooden cross to the cookie room and place a chair in front of the cross with the resident’s crosses for prayer time. Make sure a list of the resident’s names is with the cross.

While residents are at afternoon count, assist agape coordinator to get bibles and crosses placed on the table. (The table cloth stays in the chapel, and the chapel workers will put it away.)

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