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Weekend team member - So this is your first time, SO excited you joined us

WELCOME to Kairos, Thank you for taking a HUGE step and giving so much of your time, in this letter, we hope to prepare you for your first weekend. But please ask any and all questions you might have.

Please attend as many of the meetings as you can attend. The leader might ask you to step down if you miss too many meetings, but again, just communicate with the leader and you should be ok.

Team Meetings are very casual, lunch will normal be provided, but I would suggest a pen and paper to take any notes you might like to. I would also try to team up with a veteran - someone who has done this a few times and you are comfortable with. this "Team Buddy" can help with questions, or anything you might need. NEED ONE? ask the leader to assign you, or come see Marc Stern, ill be your wingman.  

Dress code is collared shirt and jeans/slacks with closed toe shoes. Nothing fancy/flashy to distract anyone.


Letters, normally there are 42 inmates (Participants) that we will surprise with these letters of love. The purpose of these letters are to provide written encouragement, support and expression of God's love to residents attending the KAIROS weekend. Written Agape (letters) are to be written by hand and not photocopied or printed. More Details here

Prayer Chain, this can be as simple as asking people to pray for you via facebook and putting their first name and city, you might be able to setup a booth sunday morning at your church or get the work out about needing prayers for the prison ministry your going on. We will write them on colorful paper. 

CASH donations, yes this ministry needs funds to make it all happen. a normal weekend cost around 25k. SO how do you ask for donations, just ask for Agape; prayer, donations, placemats from kiddos, posters from adult sunday school groups, ask your work and maybe another company to sponsor you. Yes we are 501c3 so companies can write it off, we also have meal tickets to sell and cookie tickets to sell (asking $10 per ticket)

any amount you raise is PERFECT, need a goal? $750 is far above what you need to raise, but shoot for the moon. and remember God will provide. 

For the Weekend:

On Thursday you will be assigned a prayer partner that you will greet every morning, more on this later, but we just need to love on them - the best thing to start a converstaion if you need help is FRED Family (where they came from, and family) Recreation (what do they do for fun - sports, games, reading, etc etc) Education (working on GED in school, working on higher education, or what they are learning from the school house) Duties (what do they do in prison, some might have medical squad which is "no job") the thing to remember is talk with them like you would someone your sitting next to in church. 

On Friday we will have more of a family feel to it, sitting at tables and more discussions as families, there will be talks - lead by example and take notes on these talks - its possible someone might not know how to write/take notes and this would be amazing to have all your notes to hand them so they can have notes to review. 

The key thing to remember is through out the weekend, Listen Listen Love Love.

Normally before we start and after the day is over, we will review and prep for everything that is needed. dont be afraid to ask "whats next" or "what should I be doing" or really any questions you might have. We were all new to this too, so we understand. 

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