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Upcoming Events

Prayer and Share is most weekends, please email to attend Prayer and Share 

Kairos 64 is Nov 9-12 2023, led by Jeff Wright​​

  • Instructional (Beto) = November 18

Future dates

Summer Celebration = July 8 2023 8am-2pm 

Fall Retreat = Aug 12 2023 8am-3pm 

Interview dates for Kairos 64 = Oct 18 -20 2023 

Winter Celebration = Dec 9 2023 8am-2pm 

Dress Code for Closings

Always remember - dress conservative.

When you go into the unit - bring only your drivers license and car keys. You won't need your purse, wallet, money, cell phone, etc. Cell phones, knives, sharp objects and the like are not allowed!

Men dress modestly (Jeans and Polo, etc)

  • Shirts must have collars

  • Jeans are okay

  • No shorts

  • No open-toed shoes

  • Minimal jewelry

  • Do not wear white shirts or pants ​

Women dress modestly (dresses, slacks, etc.)

  • Nothing short, revealing or suggestive

  • Closed toed shoes

  • No excessive makeup​

  • No shorts

Prayer Requests:
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